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Produced from 1995 - 2020

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Customer Comments

"I wanted to send a picture of my current collect and also a thank you for the smile that comes to my face each time I look down at my arm to see what time it is. Great Watches! Sincerely," GW

"I recently purchased the Beverly. It's a beautiful watch!  The best I have ever owned! I plan to get the New Yorker or the Airbatic next!  Thank you!"  RH

"The WestWatch arrived today, and it’s beautiful. Thanks very much." PM

"Ten years ago I bought a Barcelona watch from you. It is still in very good shape. The case has the usual small scratches, but the glass is still in it's original condition. Amazing!  Today I checked the time over 24h and I read +4s [+/-0.5s], which I think is also amazing.  On your cerificate dated 4/5/2010 I read:
- Average Error: 3.1 sec/day
- Instability: 1 sec/day
I hope everything is well with you in these difficult times. Wish you all the best." GV

"I saw that you were retiring soon and wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for your craftmanship and skill. About a year ago you sent me a Sapphire Diver that I gave myself as a graduation gift and it is still the favourite piece in my collection. What I truly admire about you is how grounded you have remained in your independence and in your own vision for watchmaking over the years. There are so many details I have noticed on the Diver that I appreciate more everyday - your style of watchmaking has truly become an inspiration for my style of collecting. I wish you the best of luck in your retirement, although I am curious for what you may have coming up next.
Best regards,"  AI

"Many thanks David & well done for your fantastic skills that many people will continue to talk about for decades to come. What a legacy that you have made over a lifetime doing a very Swiss thing – making unique watches! All the very best in your retirement that is no doubt well deserved." JM

"As I type these words, I wear my Prescott. I appreciate it more and more every day.
My only regret is that I didn't discover your art sooner. I'm certain I'd have fewer "brands" and more d. freemont.
How kind of you to scrounge up a longer band for me! An unexpected bit of customer service.
In any event, you can be certain I will keep my eyes open in the watch markets, hoping some fool just doesn't know what they have!" RP

"I have enjoyed my other watch from you very much. This one will have a nice home. I wish you all the best." JD

"I ordered and received the pre-owned Sapphire. I love it. For more than 25 years I wore my father's Bulovas from the 40's, 50's and 60's. I had about 6 watches I maintained. That can become a pain. In 2014, looking for a more substantial watch that kept time for more than 1 year, I picked up a pre-owned Omega seamaster. I love it, and I learned a lot about automatic watches. I wanted a second watch that was a little more fashionable. I came upon d.freemont watches and loved them. They look beautiful, and are obviously unique. I bought the Sapphire, and, to my surprise, it was better looking than the picture on the website. It is a great watch-in style, looks, feel and accuracy. I alternate now between the omega and sapphire. Keep up the great work." SF

"Just to let you know again, after owing Rolex, Omega, Oris, what an outstanding watch the Davosa Ternos 43 mm is. Impeccable quality, comparable to my Rolex Sub., and the price is far less than watch is worth. And your service and shipping is by far, the best. Again, thanks." MW

"Just a note to let you know I received the watch and everything looks terrific.
Thanks to you and David for the amazingly fast turnaround, and the wonderful communication throughout the process. As someone with a rabid watch addiction, I find myself dealing with a lot of watch related businesses, and I cannot remember this level of service from any of them.
Please know that I will remember this, and next time I add a watch to my collection, it will very likely be from d freemont.  All my best," TP

"Well, my third dfreemont piece (plus two Davosas) arrived yesterday---a new Basel (#25 in the line) and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with it! The craftsmanship is outstanding, the feel and size, perfect (it actually fits under my shirtsleeve if I want it to!) and I am totally happy with the quality, design and thoughtfulness that have gone into this wonderful watch. I think the choice if the 25 jewel Valjoux movement is a good one for this complication, and it adds a different “pace” to the watch, as opposed to the ETA’s in my two Precision Automatics, which are also still going strong and look as unique as ever. As always, thank you for your expertise, precision, artistic vision and wonderful service." GV

"I received my black dial west watch yesterday and was very excited to see the quality of the piece." JD

"When I saw the picture of the watch that you sent in your email, I was thrilled. I thought the photos were stunning. I expected the watch to be even more beautiful when I saw it in person, as a watch in your hand almost always looks better than it's picture.
My expectations were sky high.
You know where I'm going next...
The watch far exceeded even my already extreme expectations in every way. It's beautiful.
The case is wonderful. The fit and finish, of course, are solid, and using articulated lugs was inspired. And the coin edge, the two tone finish on the coin edge...and the theme carried through between the lugs...just...beautiful. The silver ring inside the bezel really sets off the coin finish, and is a perfect edging for the domed sapphire crystal. I loved the touch of continuing the coining on the caseback, framing the exhibition window.
And then, after all that, you see the watch face: and it is truly spectacular. The pearl subdial really didn't show up to advantage in the images, but is beyond gorgeous in person. It is an element that makes the dial pop and truly sets it apart as a piece like no other. The main dial has a lovely finish, and, as for the applied numerals and dot markers: the picture didn't nearly do those justice either. They are elegant, perfectly applied and look like they would do justice to Vacheron Constantin or Patek. The face is both elegant and functional. And I love the gold edging on the date window.
I would put this watch up against what I've seen of Vouitlainen and RW Smith.
I remain your admirer," RP

"My Airbatic arrived today and I couldn't be more thrilled. You called it "a beautiful watch" and it is. Beyond doubt it is. As I found with my Prescott, the photo's just don't do it justice. I could begin with the dial: the subtle color tone and the texturing simply don't show up properly in the photo; or the way the dial seems to shift color from umber to a coppery beige depending on the light. The numbers and indices are gorgeous and beautifully applied. The hands appropriate and easily read. The case is thin enough, even the automatic, to fit neatly under a cuff. The polish is superb. and the machining of the coin edge and onion crown exceeds excellent. The df emblem at the 7 pm position a nice touch that my prescott didn't have. And, on the rotor, the identifying number N 19 much more easily read than the 33 of my Prescott (which I need magnification to see, though that may be my fading eyesight). It is a very very cool thing to know I am unlikely ever to see either watch on any another wrist...and this number is unique to me. The watch is regulated to just over 2 seconds a day. AMAZING...and I thought my Prescott's 5.8 was wonderful.
Finally, I think you for the distressed brown band you included. It's perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. This watch, genuinely, can be worn as a casual sport or dressed up for formal occassions and be at home in either setting. I love it. Thank you, Mr. Mcready, for making such a work of art. I am proud to wear my d. freemont." RP

"I got my watch just in time for my birthday and I love it! I wasn't quite sure of the warm gray dial face - thought maybe white might be better - but once I saw the watch itself I realized that the gray tone was perfect. This is a very classy watch (Airbatic) and the band you chose for it is perfect too. Barbara, thanks for thinking of, and then finding, the #70 watch. What a grand birthday gift I gave myself. Thanks again, the service, as always, was superb and the conversation a real pleasure."

"Received the 100 Years Aviation. Thank you. Like having an old friend back. The slate Palomar is beautiful. Will let you know how my son likes it in a few weeks. Thank you." MA

"The Palomar you shipped me is within one second after two days on my wrist. Don't you wish we all could do that well? Thanks," SW

"Just wanted to send you a short note and say how much I am enjoying the gently used Mt Palomar I purchased from you, it is my first Swiss watch and it is working beautifully. I am happy there is a bit of American input to the watch also. It makes me smile every time I put it on. I enjoy the look and the nice size of the watch. Kudos to David for the great and practical design. I look forward to many years of service." WB

"I now have all 3 d.freemont watches I ordered and I am totally delighted with them! I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. While they certainly share a common heritage and attention to detail, each one, visually has a distinct personality. As I mentioned to Barbara on the phone, you can really tell they are designed by a dedicated individual not by a committee! Too many things now a days are the result focus groups, marketing strategies and seemingly a desire to reach the lowest common denominator. I am very proud to own your watches. I’m a painter and, I guess you’d say, draftsman. I’ve enclosed some photos of my work for your amusement.” TS

"I talked to you both earlier on the phone this morning, and I have to say....I was completely blown away at your customer service. I've already started talking about how great of an experience it was to several members of the watch forum, Watchuseek. I can't wait to give the Davosa Ternos that I ordered this morning, to my wife for her Birthday. Again, it was a pleasure talking to both of you this morning. I could have probably stayed on for hours talking watches ..... :)"  DD

"Received my 90212 Rodeo Dr and to say the least it is nifty. Your service was EXTRAORDINARY!!
Two day delivery from the time I ordered to day of receipt. It doesn't get any better." WE

"I received my Mt. Palomar Diver today.  It is everything I hoped it would be!  During my working years, I was a diehard Rolex owner (Submariner, Explorer, Stainless Daytona, GMT Master and finally, Sea Dweller).  They were all wonderful instruments! However, retirement turned me into an older and wiser version of my previous self...and I had an increasingly difficult time justifying Rolex prices.  Perhaps even more significant, I became increasingly concerned about my personal safety while walking around with a multi-thousand dollar watch on my wrist. That's when I discovered Dfreemont watches.  I've owned several in the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed the quality, accuracy, and uniqueness of each and every one of them.  I also came to appreciate the personalized service and integrity. Each watch I purchased satisfied a "need or want" at the time of purchase.  As these "needs and wants" changed, I traded my watches for different styles, always receiving fair trade-in value. My newest acquisition, the Mt. Palomar Diver, brings me full circle to my first Rolex, the Submariner.  It has the large and easy-to-read numbers I need at my age, the heft of a quality timepiece, substantial and easy to locate hands, and an "oyster-like" bracelet that can't be beat. All this for a fraction of the price of a Submariner yet with COSC certification and no fear of becoming a mugging victim ;)
Thank you so much for what you provide:  old fashioned service, old fashioned quality, and old fashioned attention to detail. Sincerely," SL

"I have some great Seiko divers (SKX 007, 0011, 0013, etc.). But, those are "tool watches”. And, I have some very nice micro brand divers, too. But, my favorite brand is d.freemont. I appreciate the taste and artistic feeling that went into the design of these watches. You may remember my order the year-before-last of several COSC watches for presents when we took the gang to Hawaii. Right now, I am wearing my white-dial Voyager on a d.freemont bracelet. Of all my watches, this watch probably gets the most wrist-time. My Omega tonneau and bracelet in solid gold is second — and my Seiko SKX-011 probably is third. I am an old trial-horse lawyer, and the Voyager gives the right image — classy, but not ostentatious, and vulgar — to jurors (i.e., unlike my solid gold Rolex)."  BW

"Hello. I am the proud owner of a Niagara D freemont 7750 I got this watch many years ago and was recently serviced. It keeps better time than any quartz watch and within COSC standards. It had a gold colored band that I did not liked so may years I kept it in the box. About the time it was serviced I decided to change the metal band for a brown leather band with gold colored deployment clasp and it made such a leap in appearance and comfort wear that, although I own more than 20 mechanical watches. From Baume et Mercier, Jaerger Le coultre, Rolex, Omega 1960 Constellation, Technomarine, IWC and others. I simply repeat my D Freemont almost daily. My questions are. What years where they made? How many where made?  I like to know details. They are part of the fun of watch ownership. !"
Thanks. F. Umpierre

"Dear David and Barbara, Upon receipt of my Palomar, I decided to embark on a cross country trip in the middle of a 100 degree heat wave a couple of yrs back. Of all my watches, this is my preferred one for road trips, due to its accuracy and readability. Handsome, too. Lo and Behold ,I left my beloved timepiece in a Red Roof Inn, just off Interstate 10,south side of Tucson, I believe. Well, didn't the maid run to the front desk with my $1400 watch and didn't they call me next day before lunch and inform me of it?  They surely did. I completed my trip to Best Friends Animal Shelter in Utah, then home to PA. The Palomar was parked in my mailbox, waiting for me.  What a wonderful thing, knowing there is a light or two out there in the darkness.  I just sent and received the Palomar from David and Barbara for a bit of a touch up and got it in time to take with me for a house hunting trip to Texas. I'm spot welding the watch to my arm, this trip.  So, between the kindness shown me at the Red Roof in Tucson, and the swift and kind service from you folks, its been a colorful few yrs with my Palomar. Looking forward to a nice, boring trip, this July. My Best Regard,"  SW

"Just wanted to drop you a thank you note about my watch repair. It keeps perfect time........came back very clean, I'm very pleased with your work, and customer relations.
I am glad I found your company for watch service. You're the best."  GL

"I just picked up my new dfreemont watch from the PO and went straight home to try it on and set the time...it is a beautiful, high quality piece! It was also so very nice to be able to take it straight from the box and immediately wear it since it was sized PERFECTLY! Kudos to you all there for your high quality product AND service. I will be a return customer in the future. Thank you again and best regards," MS

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Airbatic watch today. It is a very unique timepiece; understated and elegant. I am sure I will enjoy it for many years to come. And I wanted also to say that the buying process I experienced with you (and Barbara) was a refreshing departure from what one has, unfortunately, come to expect from many companies these days. Keep up the good work."  PW

"The df Regulator watch arrived today and I must say I am gobsmacked.
Simply gorgeous. Thank you ever so much...another very satisfied customer."  TA

"Over the years I have purchased a number of Davosa time pieces from David and Barbara. From a Limited Edition Unitas 6498 Pilot model purchased many years ago, to a Limited Edition Sport/Dress Power Reserve, every piece is a fine example of suburb, high quality watchmaking.  A couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to pare down my collection a bit so I contacted David regarding one of the newer pieces in the Davosa line… the World Traveler. I wanted a simple, yet elegant watch that had a GMT complication. I liked what I saw in the new World Traveler on the Davosa web site. After some very easy discussions with David (he is always very accommodating) we agreed on a couple of watches I would trade-in towards the Davosa World Traveler. Working with David was easy, simple and without any “red tape”. We agreed on the exact model, dial color, etc., of the new watch and that was all there was to it. I sent David the watches I was trading in; he examined and approved them and we were off to the races. I received my new World Traveler within a week… it was that easy!  Now for the watch…. The new Davosa World Timer is exactly what I was looking for. It has a retro look of the 1960’s and 70’s, yet, it is a modern time piece that meets today’s watch market. In short, it is absolutely stunning! The fit and finish are absolutely on par with watches that sell for many thousands more, yet there is no compromise. This is one beautiful time piece. The dial is one of the most beautifully executed dials I have ever seen and the case with the fine brush finish and touches of high polish is gorgeous. This is a true collector’s piece that will remain in my collection (and family) and passed down to my son… and then his.  My sincere thanks to David and Barbara for their exemplary customer service and bringing the Davosa line to the US. They represent (at the highest level) what the customer experience is all about. I wish more business people in this country were like them!"   WE

"I wore the Precision Automatic to my Veterans Affairs medical appointment today. The nurse commented that she thought I was wearing a Rolex. This comment is typical of those I received when wearing Dfreemonts, My dentist mistook the 90210 for a Cartier. I'm happy to know that I have quality watches even and that the quality is mistaken for watches costing thousands of dollars more. When wearing the New Yorker at formal events I often find guests staring at my wrists. Thank you David for your skill and attention to detail. Thank you Barbara for your excellent customer service." WC

"I wanted to let you know the Davosa came rolling in Monday. “Swiftly and with style” would be a good motto for your company. As for the timepiece, it is very impressive. None of the photos I’ve seen do it justice. At first glance, it looks like a robust, stand-up dive watch. Upon closer examination (which I’m still doing!), such details are revealed that speak of a sincere pleasure in the art of watchmaking, something the mass-producers simply can’t manage.  I look forward to shopping with y’all again."  DS

"Davosa Argonautic Gun Automatic Watch is very beautiful and cool. I really love the watch. And thank you for the precision check of the watch. I'm touched by your devotion. I wish you success. Thank you very much." SMK, Korea

"Just wanted to touch base with you that I received my a Davosa Ternos Professional today. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you both know your customer service is top notch along with the products you sell. Please feel free to use my comments on your website. I will also be posting the same on Watchuseek and Timezone as I frequent those sites."  SI

"Just a quick note to let you know I received my watches today. I must say when I opened the packaged and unwrapped the boxes I was taken back by the boxes themselves, they alone are artwork. However when I opened the Voyager box I was stunned by the beauty of the workmanship on that watch. Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words and that maybe true but they do not do justice to that watch. I am wearing it already and have had 2 comments from fellow employees already as to the uniqueness of the face and works. Tomorrow I will wear the Mt. Palomar. Thanks for the promptness with you you got the watches to me."  MS

"The "Basel" with 18k bezel is absolutely beautiful. It is extremely accurate and looks like a several thousand dollar time piece. In fact, I have 4 solid 18k watches; two which exceed 5,000.00 in replacement cost. They now sit on a watch winder while I wear the Basel nearly everyday. Furthermore, I appreciate your help with a wristband, and the 2 books you authored that I purchased from outside sources. My congratulations for your multi talented gifts of authorship and watch making." GM

"Just received and am wearing my new 18k "Basel" watch. O.M.G., THIS WATCH IS INCREDIBLE! This is my 6th d.freemont watch over the years and it was worth the wait. I’M ELATED. THIS WATCH IS BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS. you were a bit wrong when you said I was going to really like this one... I don’t just like it, I LOVE IT! 18k bezel, screw down pushers and crown and on and on and on... This watch is the Maserati of the d.freemont fleet! AWESOME TIME PIECE! This watch is everything and more that the Rolex Cosmograph is and then some for 1/5 th of the price. This watch is an absolute no-brainer for someone looking for a sporty/elegant timepiece. ( if you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit excited about my new watch right now. I’ll take a cold shower and calm down shortly). Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH to you both for your patience and advise. As always, you’ve provided an outstanding product and outstanding service . Let me know when your next masterpiece comes out to add to my collection. All the very best to you both and thank you so much. Very best regards, " SS

"I got the NY watch today and it is stunning. The size is perfect for me and it runs great. Also, I picked up your book "Stories my dog told me" on Kindle and have really been enjoying it. You are truly a modern renaissance man! Sincerely," GS

"I received the Incabloc yesterday and it is a beautiful piece. I am very pleased with the workmanship and its outstanding design. It has a great feel and weight on the wrist and am sure it will become my everyday watch quickly. It is easy to see why others have raved on they d.freemonts." JS

"The Ancyent Marinere watch I purchased arrived within 3 days! It is stunning, and I am honored to have the opportunity to own a piece of your work. Many of your past customers praise you for maintaining a high standard of quality, value and outstanding service……..and now I know why.  Beautiful workmanship, prompt attention to inquiries, and very fast service. Over the past 25 years, I have collected well over two hundred Swiss watches. Finally, I have my first (of many, I hope) d. freemont watches! Well done. VERY well done. With gratitude and best regards."  DH

"Let me say WOW. It is even better than I thought it would be. Every where I look I see something else that blows me away; the color of the heat treated case and clasp, your logo on the crown and last but not least, my name visible through the exhibition case back. Very well done! It even fits perfectly without adjusting the band. I can't thank you enough." SV

"Just got my Panama with the case-hardened bezel, it is very nice. The color of the case-hardened bezel really gives the watch an entirely different and richer look. I am very pleased with watch and feel that it is one of your finest looking watches. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a luxury watch that is not a run of the mill look, but a unique one with an interesting theme behind it. Thanks."  PC

"I have four of the watches you make now. The Regulator that I received today is probably the best looking of the watches that I have seen to date. Very nicely done!!! I collect watches and have more than 30, some of which are very expensive. The regulator is at the Top of that list!!!!  Many thanks."  GW

"My Santorini watch arrived and is even more beautiful in person. I have already gotten numerous comments about it. Thank you very much." AG

"It’s been more than a month since I received my latest D. Freemont watch, the stunning Santorini. It hadn’t been my intention to wait so long before offering my appreciation of what you’ve created.
But I just had to wear it for a good long time and make its acquaintance. Santorini and I have been living in the Twin Cities’ bracing winter, then most of a week’s time in sunny mellow San Diego, and back again. I’ve worn my friend in casual activities, including daily trips to the “Y,” and at last formally to my first ballet performance the other week. Long stretches on the wrist—then a pause while I socialize with other favorite watches in my collection—then back to Santorini.
It seems to be my best buddy now, no matter where I go or what I’m doing. If I ever get afflicted with desert island syndrome, I hope my Santorini happens to be along for the ride at that moment. Chances are overwhelming that it will be.
I love your design’s use of color, of straight and curved lines, including the choice of hands. My eye now warms to the suggestion of Santorini itself, having seen many pictures of the island recently. (My wife and I want to go there some day… but have settled right now for a local Greek restaurant that’s exceptional and of the same name: http://www.santorinimn.com/.) The case-hardened bezel is gorgeous and a perfect complement. (In fact, it happened that its tone matched a finial on the restored balcony of a bed&breakfast we stayed at in San Diego--though the proprietor told me that decoration was ceramic, of course.) Santorini's size is the favorite of my wrist--and I take intense pleasure in realizing that this form follows function in matching the size of the Unitas movement (itself a pleasure, too, in that it’s my first one).
I can’t thank you enough for creating a watchmaker’s device that I’ll never tire of measuring time with… nor gazing upon."  JC

"I received my Santorini today and it is all I expected it would be and much more. I first saw photos of the watch in your advertisements and on your web site. As nice as the photos are, they do not do justice to the subtle beauty of this timepiece. I think any watch lover would be able to tell, as I did, just how expertly crafted the Santorini is from the first wind of the crown. In my view, the Santorini defines the difference between a store bought, over-hyped, mass-produced wrist watch and work of horological art. I know that any time I walk into a room wearing my Santorini, no one else will have a finer watch than mine.  Thanks again for your help and a beautiful timepiece that I absolutely love. I look forward to my next purchase from you." TG

"I’m quickly coming to realize that I’m wearing the Santorini and the Regulator much more frequently that any of my other watches. They not only feel good, they look great! Good quality my friend. They are all I can ask of a watch. Love them both! Keep up the good work." DD

"I just wanted to do a quick post praising d.freemont's exceptional customer service. I sent in my Laguna Seca 7750 with a winding stem issue--basically, the stem was slipping instead of winding. I mailed it off to David McCready and had it back in ten days, completely repaired, with no charge for the service, even though the watch was out of warranty. If any of you guys have thought of doing business with d.freemont, don't hesitate. He's a standup guy. (photo by JA)" JA

"I am sitting here reading WATCHTIME while wearing my Sapphire GMT [w/ gold bezel]. I have to tell you that it is running right on time with my atomic and computer clocks. More to the point, I am even more delighted with its neat, elegant appearance than when I first received it.  (The only watch I would like to have now is the Breguet on the cover of the magazine!) Hope this finds you both well." M [in Dallas ]

"I have purchased 5 of your watches [including Panama, Regulator, and Voyager] and have always been pleased with never a case of buyer's remorse."  BM

"I received the Regulator Tuesday afternoon. Wow, what a nice timepiece. After forty eight hours on my wrist, it's +2 seconds from my sync with the atomic clock. Outstanding!." TQ

"I wanted to let you know that I received the watch I ordered, the Barcelona, last Thursday.  The watch is fabulous!  I can't thank you enough for recommending this particular watch.  I thought it was very interesting hearing the background on the inspiration for the watch.  The watch itself is very attractive in its simplicity in that the dial is very neat and uncluttered.  I absolutely love the look of the watch!  And, it is extremely comfortable to wear.  I also like the sapphire crystal on the back so that I can see the movement.  The fact that the watch is "N. 8" in the collection makes it all the more special.  I would also like to commend you on the ease of ordering the watch.  Barbara was very helpful and the watch arrived when promised.  I would highly recommend your watches to anyone that is looking for a high-quality Swiss time piece at an affordable price.  I could not be happier with my purchase.  I am sure that this will not be my last dfreemont watch!"  JF

"Hey, I received the watch. So far so good. The exterior looks magnificent. Thanks for fixing it up. I didn't realize one could get a new exterior for a reasonable price, and I'm pleased it's so." RK

"I want to personally thank you for your first rate service and delivery of my extraordinary new Regulator timepiece! This is my first - and certainly not my last
d. Freemont timepiece. Your thoughtful attention to detail to every aspect of manufacturing, inspection and delivery of this timepiece is very evident! I ordered my
Regulator with the high grade, supple, black leather strap with the form fitting deployant closure. I love the decorative touches on both the bezel and the rotor. The dial is stunning, and the generously luminescent hands are easy to read in any light. It is a wonder that you can manage to sell such a fine timepiece at such an affordable price! Your letter of thanks was a very nice personal touch, as well.  I look forward to ordering various mechanical timepieces from your fine company in the future. Thanks, again!  Very truly yours," SD

"I got the new Barcelona, and I want to thank you deeply for making this watch available.  It is simply beautiful.  I've posted a review of the watch on my watch forum, BDWF."  JA

"I received my new watch yesterday! It's better than expected; and I expected a lot based on our past dealings. I don't know where to begin.... the perfect case, high quality band, lowest price for highest quality, GORGEOUS color that is unique - yet, not loud, etc.  Really, I could go on and on. There is no better watch for the money than your line. Your speed of shipping and correspondence response time is untouchable. Even more-so, this is my old work zip code !
I've won on every count. Your invoicing segment plan is so financially ergonomic. Everything.... yes, EVERYTHING about my new watch and my dealings with your firm are currently a refreshing thought.... only to evolve into a charming memory; except my watch will still be running and accurate by then !
I don't know how you do it. At this point, I don't need to know. I know enough; that I don't want to pay for a cliché faddish, overpriced name watch. My only concern about timepieces is that I am happy with them; not the world. Character is NOT based on my watch anyway ! Others that haven't recognized the name on the watch still NOTICE THE WATCH. It has led to many wonderful conversations ending up with folks thanking me for explaining who you are and what your firm does. I tell them I deserve no thanks; d.freemont did it all !  Thank you so much,"  CD

"You are so right that there is a market for lower price automatics. I can't afford anything like a Rolex. I just got an Ebel this summer-- something beautiful and more feminine, but no nicer than my GMT Sapphire Reserve! Once again, thanks for what you do, and please stay in the watch business! I love your products!"  KC

"Got the Laguna Seca.  Absolute a beautiful timepiece.  I've posted my review of it on BDWF watch forum.  I couldn't be more pleased.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you." JA

"I own four d.freemont watches - actually three, my wife appropriated one.  The 10111 red face.  I love their simplicity of design, and with today's trend toward oversize watches, I love their rational and comfortable size.  Most of all I like the fact that they are mechanical, automatic watches that do what watches should do.  They keep incredibly accurate exquisite time.  I visit the website every week for what's new. 
Keep it up."  AB

"Just wanted to send you a note of congrats regarding the placement of your
. Palomar watch in the November issue of IW magazine, in their story about COSC chronometers.  It was with a bit of a surprise that I saw it there, among a bunch of stratospherically priced brands, all big, blingy and complicated, and there was the Palomar, sedate, understated, elegant, and priced less than what some of these big shots spend on haircuts.  Truly a beautiful watch, and a steal of a price.  I simply don't know how you do it."  JA (proud owner of Laguna Seca #33)

"I recently purchased a Mt. Palomar.  I seem to be getting accuracy above and beyond COSC performance.  My Rolex Explorer is -3 sec/day, my Omega Seamaster is +2 sec/day.  It takes 2 days to even perceive any deviation in the Mt. Palomar.  Even then,  it might only be +2 seconds.  What a watch!"   PB

"I have received the [Heartbeat 16601] watch, and it is more beautiful in person than I could have imagined. I plan to give it to my fiancé on July 5th as his wedding gift from me. He's going to love it!  Thank you so much for such a beautiful product!"  GS

"I just got home and opened my BTP 17 jewel hand winder. It's really a nice watch. The dial is really a different color gray and quite unique and the luminescent hands are some of the brightest I have seen. The hand applied Arabic numbers seem to be a cool shade of blue when caught just right in the light. Now the back; awesome again, purlage on the bridges, blued screw's... it's as nice as they come and David I will treasure this one always. If you ever need a reference let them call me I can attest to this watch as being as fine as they come. I own several Swiss hand winders and let me tell you something you probably already know. This watch will stand up to ones I have spent thousands on. The band, another nice treat, the coffee colored strap with deployant buckle is something I have had to purchase after the fact on most of my other watches." WH


"Hi guys...  I received my watch (Sapphire Diver) this morning and all I can say is WOW!    I've got a Rolex, Ulysee Nardin, Breitling, Swiss Army, Acutron and of course good ole' N. 11 Acugraph 7750 white gold from you guys, but this one is my favorite.  It is beautiful.  Now the problem is, do you make  ladies size watches other than the Davosa's?  My wife feels left out, even though for Christmas she's getting a top of the line Dell laptop.  I always say you can't have enough watches.  She has a Rolex too, but a nice d. freemont would be good if you make one we like.  Anyway, thanks so much for my watch.  It really is perfect.  Let me know when you are making the Repeaters." RB

"I did not think anything could be more elegant the the Santorini but, when I wore my new Airbatic, I was convinced. The Airbatic can be worn at any formal or special occasion with pride, as can the Santorini but perhaps even more so." AB

"Just wanted to drop you a quick line after receiving my watch [Independence].  I must congratulate you on the piece!  It is fantastic and having worn it almost daily since I received it, I have had more compliments on this than any other watch I own.  I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I would rate the Independence right up there with my Rolex, Omega or B&M.  I will definitely be a return customer!  Cheers!" JD

"I bought a watch from d. fremont for the quality of the movement and timepeice. I never expected the unbelievable level of customer service and support that David and Barbara would provide! Now I know I made the right decision and look forward to passing my beautiful watch down in my family for generations to come." JB

"I just received the Acugraph "Classic" today and I must express my appreciation for the beautifully unique design, and the complex functionality of it, but yet rendered practical and easily used! The detail and quality are a joy to behold. Any horological aficionado will be fortunate to add this fine wristwatch to their collection.   Thank you again for producing such a wearable work of art and for the excellent customer service as well. I will enjoy using this time piece for years to come."  BB

"My compliments on yet another stunning time piece (Voyager).  It was well worth the wait.  I particularly love the contrast between the sumptuous mocha dial, the jet black of the hands and markers, offset by the lustrous steely glow of the engine turned bezel.  Really stunning.  And the dark brown ostrich strap is the perfect compliment, I'm so glad I chose it.  Of course, the glimpse of the watch's internal 'beating heart' - ringed with gold - really makes it an eye stopper.  The teak wood gift box is the perfect housing for this varied and stunning collection.  A cherished collector set!
Thanks so very much!"  TV

"I know I may sound patronizing or flattering because things turned out in my favor. That is not so. I am quite impressed and have the utmost respect for your firm. Anyone that knows me (means they know I LOVE watches), knows that I continue to brag of a company that is not known in many circles, but more & more so - in the 'in the know' crowd.... I'm proud I bought my first one before most knew.  I am a loyal fan!!!!!"  CB

"I received the Ancyent Marinere today in perfect running order. Thank you and David for the most outstanding customer service I have ever received on a watch. I have left messages praising this kind of service from d.freemont on the watch forums that I frequent. I’ll be buying more watches from you in the future."  EA

"I purchased a Tribute to the Irish watch. My mother had just passed away and I wanted something to remind me of her. My mother was fiercely proud of being Irish. Her family came from Ireland in the 1800's but never forgot their heritage. Every morning I take a few moments to wind the watch and reflect on my heritage. I own several excellent watches including a Swiss chronometer but my favorite is now my d.freemont ! Its substantial size and weight are fantastic.
The quality appears to be better than my Krieger or Movado. Great watch at a great price."  JS


"Thanks a lot for the watch! The new  beautiful band was a surprise. The type of work which you practice is very rare now. Excellent quality attention for details and reliability. When I came to the USA from USSR in 1979  ( I am a physicist) people like you were not extinct. But now you are a gold basics of our society. Niagara look like very expensive watch because an excellent  classic design. Thank you very much." MZ

"The Ancyent Marinere watch is truly a beautiful piece. Its unlike anything else I've seen, and it exudes a unique and rare quality that is hard to find in todays mass marketed world. It is not an ostentatious piece, which suits me well as I've never been one to adorn myself with jewelry, but it does draw attention from those who know a well made, precision time piece when they see one.
Build quality is superb from my perspective. I know very little about watch manufacturing, but I do enjoy finely made mechanical things, and this watch is no exception. I could have easily spent considerably more money and purchased a fancier watch with a better known name, but to get better quality would have put me well out of my price range.
Speaking of value, I won't say the Ancyent Marinere is under priced, or overpriced. I feel that its perfectly priced as it is. Any less would compromise the quality, and any more would put it into a market where practical men rarely tread. There is a lot of value in this watch. Anyone who has priced the competition can attest to that.
One can easily spend $5000-$10,000 on the same Rolex the guy down the street has - that's fine, and its a great watch - but I prefer to own something that I'm not going to see on someone else's wrist every day.
From an artistic perspective, I like things that have a story along with a purpose. There are both obvious and subtle touches about the Ancyent Marinere that 'speak' to me. I won't go into detail on the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge that inspired the watch, but the included book of his works was a thoughtful touch.
For anyone reading this, you should know that David Freemont McCready
(d.freemont) is a 'real' person. When you call his shop with a question, you may very well speak with him or his lovely wife, Barbara. Contrast that with the modern doctrine of customer service which often sends you half way around the world for an answer that may or may not be useful (or understandable). It is rare indeed to have the opportunity to actually speak with the designer himself.
And if, by chance, you do get to speak with David, you will find that he is as down to earth as they come. He has lead an interesting life from what I could gather, and he truly enjoys his work. He is a thoughtful, honest individual with no pretensions. I will always fondly remember our talk about his time in Central Pennsylvania, where my wife was born and raised and a place where I have spent considerable time over the years.
I am already planning future purchases, and I eagerly await the third installment of the Ancyent Marinere series. It is my goal to own all three pieces, but that goal has already been jeopardized by a Davosa limited edition chronograph that I simply could not resist :-)
So, if you're on the fence regarding any of David's works, I would suggest you hop off and give the man himself a call. I can assure you that you'll probably learn a few things along the way, and you'll almost certainly wind up (no pun intended) with a hell of a watch at a reasonable price. Rest assured, every single d.freemont is a keeper."  EM

"I was truly pleased to receive my Panama series watch the other day.  Not only was it delivered in two days, but it came with a copy of the Ancyent Marinere, a nice presentation box, and a numbered certificate.  Oh, and somebody kindly set the date of the watch so that it was ready right out of the box!
The watch itself is lovely, and keeps excellent time.  My father was a distant relative of Coleridge, so this model was a must-have.  I must say that I have been impressed through-and-through with your service and your product.   Many thanks!"  EE

"Just as a follow up to my initial comments of satisfaction with my Precision Automatic, one week later. Accurate to the second so far (I timed it), beautiful, unique, and "feels" right. All my other watches (including my favorite Luminox tank and Raymond Weil) are in the dresser drawer. I don't wear it for attention, but everyone who sees it comments on it. I do wear a watch because I feel it is an expression of a personal lifestyle, and again I thank you for having an artistic vision that resonates with my idea of what a fine timepiece should do. Since I purchased two additional bands, this is like having three different watches! You have won a patron, and I anticipate making another purchase soon."  GV
"I just received my Semi Skeleton.. a beautiful watch.. the thinnest automatic that I have seen. I love it.. thank you."  JS

"Just wanted to let you know my new watch [Tribute to the Irish] arrived today and I couldn't be happier. Very Nice."  JW

"I received my Santorini yesterday and I must admit, I’m impressed. I didn’t know if I would like the case-hardened case but I absolutely love it! Great dial also. Almost all of my automatics and mechanicals are ETA’s but this is the first Unitas that I have. I like it too. I know that you pay great attention to detail as addressed in your personal letter by thanking me for my service. I take care of all the HVAC controls at Beale AFB but I am an old Viet Nam vet. As a customer, I really appreciate the personal touch . All the paperwork, including the computer printout was great! I don’t buy watches to impress people. Most of the people I hang out with wouldn’t know a Rolex from a Timex. I buy watches because I like them. All my pals ask me why I buy so many…32 at this point…watches and I tell them 'Time is the only thing we have a finite amount of. You might as well be able to tell it accurately and with style.' You can use that if you want as well as any part of this e-mail. I like you, your wife and your watches. I’m proud to own a d freemont!"  DD


"With all that's going on, I neglected to tell you how thrilled I am with the New Yorker.  The gold case certainly does the watch justice and enhances its elegance beautifully.   It's ironic that it was an ad featuring this very watch three years in Watch Time Magazine that caused me to first visit your website, and yet it took me those three years to actually obtain it - long after I've acquired many of your other fine watches. Well, it was worth the wait - it's understated, yet unadulterated, subdued elegance:  A gorgeous champagne dial with exquisite tear-drop indices and bold cyclops lens atop the contrasting white date window.  Having once lived in New York for over 15 glorious years, it does this awesome city justice.  I'm proud to wear it!" TVA

"I wanted to write and let you know that the
BTP (#50), you sent me is absolutely stunning. The website pictures cannot do this watch justice. The dial treatment and the hands are both perfect. The numerals truly do change colour, depending on the light and the angle that the watch is viewed at. The ETA 2804 movement is beautiful; I love the Geneva stripes and the blued screws. The coffee coloured ostrich strap is supple, exceedingly soft, and matches perfectly with the Earl Grey colour of the dial.  Sir, I did not think that you could offer a watch that would impress me as much as the Semi-Skeleton did that I purchased from you a year ago, but the BTP has proven me wrong." NC

"Thank you for getting the 33mm Sapphire Power Reserve to me so quickly --it was, once again, a real pleasure doing business with you. My wife loves the watch --it's a very elegant, well-proportioned design. Thanks for making such high-quality watches available at such good prices!"  AD

Just wanted to let you know my latest purchase arrived dependably as usual.  The Precision automatic has an especially eye-catching design for a wristwatch with such functional features. Once again I'm as pleased with owning this timepiece as I was when I purchased the BTP and the Panama. For a man of eclectic taste, I love a range of design, effect and "mood" in my watches. Your designs are among my favorites for being so striking in appearance and yet not too ostentatiously eccentric. I doubt I'll ever part with the three I have. They've become like good companions, offering the potential for a lifelong friendship. What's more, for me mechanical watches are even more like friends and companions in that they approach, paradoxically, the living. They need attention--either dutiful, to keep them wound, or occasional, to keep them maintained. They can have their humors or moods, depending on how you use or take them for granted. Yet over time the best can show accuracy, like a dependable friend, as you adjust to, get to know--and come to respect?--one another. A digital display is little more than marginally functional, and not at all esthetic: may as well strap a cell phone to my wrist. And the quartz electronic "jump" of the hands on an analog display I find a little unsettling. Organic life is analog and continuous... and the mechanical watch mechanism at least approaches the illusion of continuity the way the art form of film does. In closing, thanks for keeping the faith in your watch offerings. They demonstrate pleasure for the eye, the ear (when you listen as closely as to your own breathing...), for craftsmanship and a tradition of human ingenuity perfected over centuries, not to mention practicality. Telling the time is more than a matter of the moment, it seems to me!"  JC

"Just wanted to express, again, my GREAT PLEASURE with my 'Mid-Size Roman'
Sapphire Power Reserve! What a HELL of a Watch!! I have become a disciple of D Freemont, telling anyone who will listen, and many who won't what a value you represent!"

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say I received my Boston Tea party watch today and I am absolutely delighted with it. The color scheme is understated without being drab, the indices change colors depending on the lighting, and the blued hands complement the watch magnificently and give it an air of sophistication that another color would have been unable to achieve. I am pleased with the display back as well and the fit and finish of the watch is on par with other, more expensive Swiss pieces that I have owned. Have I mentioned how comfortable the (ostrich?) band and deployant is with the watch?
I can assure you that this will be an almost daily wearer and when I wind it I'll be glad to do so while feeling proud to be an American." MF

"I received my Ancyent Marinere watch yesterday afternoon. I know I won't surprise you when I write, I find myself looking at it when I know exactly what time it is. It is that handsome a watch. Thank you for a great watch, the personal attention of the best local jewelers, and the ease of the internet. I couldn't be more pleased."  VG

"The Barcelona watch, in my view, is the epitome of simple, clean,  classical style with a touch of opulence in a form of gold accents. I  absolutely love this watch."  LS

"Here I am again, faced with the daunting prospect of trying to describe my reaction to your latest arrival, the Sapphire Diver.  To say that it exceeds my expectations is not entirely accurate, since your time pieces somehow always succeed in exceeding.  This one, however, held several breathtaking surprises.  The white face with its gold index markers and Breguet-style hands would, by themselves, qualify the watch to be described as elegant and timeless. But to discover that the hands are fashioned of blued steel and the 24-hour sub-dial is made of what appears to be mother-of-pearl was a startling discovery.  The date too is striking, for it seems just to hover in its gold-rimmed window, as if completely unattached to the superb movement that controls its passage.  Simply put, it is awesome.   Thank you too, David, for the personalized note, describing the unique movement and several of the watch's fine features.    Yes, you have done it again!  And you may be certain that I will as well, for I have my eye on least a couple of other beauties."  TA


"Just wanted to let you know that I received the D. Freemont New Yorker yesterday and it is beautiful! I chose this particular model for my 2nd D. Freemont watch because I wanted another dressy watch, but one that gave the impression of being a gold dress watch, while not actually being gold (does that make sense?) The champagne dial is what sold me. It looks like a fine vintage watch. It is much more attractive in person than it is on the website or in the different magazines I've seen it in. Next to my Panama, the dial looks almost the same size. I'm not sure how you managed to make a 36mm watch dial look like a 38mm dial but it works for me.
While at the shop this morning, I compared the
Yorker to several Rolex wristwatches on display but primarily to my favorite one of a kind bubble back that they've had on display for a couple of years. The Rolex while extremely nice is way to small at 34mm. The D. Freemont looks and feels heftier and compares favorably to the Rolex in quality and appearance. Just wanted to say thanks again for a great product. I'm sure in a few months I'll be picking up a precision auto or a flight 100."  MH

"I have had enough fun with my Power reserve with pearl gmt, and now is the time for me to be grateful. I am very impressed and pleased with this watch, it has replaced my other watches in the line up, and it is not only because it is the newest. I forgo my Maurice Lacroix, Breguet and other favourites because I cannot get over this watch's portability and its dimensional flow. Let make this a yearly tradition, I cannot wait to get my next D.Freemont, thanks also for the great service."  IB

"I am having a great time with my new Panama. As near as I can tell - compared to my Atomic clocks - the watch has certainly not lost any time and may be ahead only a few [if any!] seconds. As good as any of my more costly watches, and better than most of them!  Also, I'm impressed by the smoothness of the sweep second's movement - again among the best of mine."  MG

"I was the recipient of the number 4 Celtic watch.  It is more beautiful than it appeared on the website. I have received a number of positive comments from my
' watch buddies'. It is very comfortable to wear. It is fun to have a unique watch without the ostentatious quality-and this is truly a high quality watch at an affordable price. I usually never write to a "company" about a product, but I sense, with you, a personal commitment to your products and it shows in the quality of the timepiece. I also own an
Ancyent Marinere and I love it too! Will recommend your site and products to others."  JD

"I wanted to thank you for this extraordinary watch (Ancyent Marinere) as well as the care and dedication that went into its shipment and packaging – especially all the personal touches that accompanied this fine time-piece.  You really do an admirable job.  I fully intend to purchase at least two, probably three, more of your watches over the coming year. Just one bit of constructive criticism – the deployment clasp.  A butterfly clasp would be a better choice and would qualify as the frosted rose on an otherwise exquisitely decorated cake. Thanks again.  I will definitely be in touch!"  TA

"My watch arrived on Friday afternoon and has not left my arm since! Thank you for all your help and question answering and for such a great value for a great watch." GT

"Hi David, got the watch today and it's fantastic. Thanks for the photos and the timing sheet. Both my wife and myself are really pleased with it." SS

"I receive the very elegant NY df watch today!  It is absolutely gorgeous and even better in reality than in the scans on the computer screen.  It fits my wrist just perfectly and I could not be happier with the very fine finish and detail of the case and dial.  The accuracy certificate is wonderful to have and an added plus that I am delighted with.  I also did not expect a nice deployant buckle or a very nice box, so everything was a very positive delight. I thank you for a most superb service and a very expeditious delivery of a very fine timepiece indeed!"  MA

"I have noted that the ETA 7751 (in the Barcelona) “purrs” like a cat intermittently. It appears to be a system that transfers the kinetic winding power, unlike anything else I have. I have a variety of mechanical watches, including a Rolex day-date, but nothing else feels like this when I’m wearing it…good watch."  DS

 “I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the Semi-skeleton I bought a few weeks ago.  It keeps excellent time and looks terrific. “  RB

 “I received the watch as promised.  I would like to say thank you to both you and Barbara for such a wonderful experience.  I love the watch, and couldn’t be more pleased.  I am already giving the highest praise to you and your company.”  DU

 “I won several “top end” time pieces which have all been factory adjusted and cleaned and none are as accurate as my dfreemont’s.  My compliments on a truly extraordinary effort!.”  DH

"I have an Omega Planet ocean and a Zenith Rainbow Flyback for every day wear but I'll be damned if I don't prefer your Roman."  PP

“Thanks for such excellent service and an excellent product at a bargain price. 
I look forward to doing business with you again.”  JS

“”My watch arrived today and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it.  The watch is actually stunning, far nicer than any of the photos on the website or in the magazines.  If the sapphire power reserve is an indication of the quality of the rest of the line, I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.”  RD

“I received my dfreemont Expose today and am very pleased!  I’m impressed by the quality of the work, prompt service and wonderful packaging and information”.  TM


“I recently bought a Semi skeleton watch, Number 25 and just wanted to let you know how much I like it.  It is more attractive than the pictures in the catalogue or the website.  An excellent, unique piece.  I am sure I will enjoy wearing it for years and years.  I have already received several compliments while wearing it.”  SS

“Just wanted to let you know that I received the Acugraph today.  Couldn’t think of a nicer thing to happen to a 7750 movement.  Your design transcends function and style to the point of kinetic art.  Fashionable enough for a black and white reception, cool enough for 007.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.”  JR

"Today, on my birthday, December 1, I received my watch.  Please be aware that I used to collect watches, I still have several Patek Philippe, Audemars, Chopard LUC, Rolex, Blancpain, on and on.  However, after many disappointments, especially with Patek, I quit the hobby disgusted and disheartened.  I even got to visit several of the plants on the Jura and Geneva such as the Jaeger leCoultre, Audemars, Patek, and other factories including Philippe Dufour’s atelier.  Nevertheless, it is the first time that I feel I’m dealing with an honest, honorable, worthy watchmaker.  And I mean every word I say.   My Panama is as good as or better than any IWC or Blancpain of the same type.  Ok, so the bracelet is not a Blancpain bracelet but I’m paying $500 for a watch that is better than a $5000 Blancpain.  The only thing that I’d change on the Panama, an Ancyent Marinere, would be the water resistance; I’d make it 100mts.  But not only is the watch great and price amazing, but you include a book of Coleridge’s poetry and the print-out from the rate of the movement; and a beautiful box, and so much literature that I needed to sit down to read it.  And the bracelet fitted me just perfect.  Not to mention what for me is the most important feature of the watch, the wonderful inscription.  Nothing is as noble as Kindness. Too much…!!  I’ve been left wanting two other watches, the first Ancyent Marinere and a Mount Palomar with black dial.  Is the first Ancyent Marinere still available?  Again, Mr. McCready, thank you for making my day.  I truly appreciate it.  With kindest regards," JM

"I just had to e-mail you to say thank you for the wonderful watch you have made, it is the best watch I now own. It shows a fantastic build quality and design, with a close attention to detail, which culminates in a wonderful flow of form and function to make the ideal timekeeper. This is a watch that can take the past, present and future, and weld them into a powerful statement of NOW!"  AH

"I received my Acugraph 7750 last week, and I'm still quite taken by it's black sapphire beauty. In fact, it's growing on me, unlike obtaining something you know everybody else has. That often seems to leave the bitter after-taste of regret for an impulsive act with short-lived satisfaction. Sadly, that's a phenomenon too many of us experience with our many purchases in this highly commercialized culture. It's fun (for once) to own something fundamentally special, by it's design, it's quality, and as measured by the definition of the word itself.
I am reassured every time I look at my Acugraph 7750 that I've made the best possible decision and have the best value by far for the money. invested. For example, I have a numbered series watch (#4) with an ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. That's something I wouldn't dare have hoped for a short while ago. And to think that I could be wearing an assembly line Hamilton with a 7750, just like 10,000 other guys. I made a pretty wise choice. Your personalized messages and individual testing of my watch really impressed upon me that I'm dealing with watch fanatics like myself, and it's an honor to own one of your creations. Thank you so much!"  JB

"Just wanted to express, again, my GREAT PLEASURE with my ''
GMT Power Reserve! What a HELL of a Watch!! I have become a disciple of D Freemont, telling anyone who will listen, and many who won't what a value you represent!"

"Just as a follow up to my initial comments of satisfaction with my  Precision Automatic, one week later. Accurate to the second so far (I timed it), beautiful, unique, and "feels" right. All my other watches (including my favorite Luminox tank and Raymond Weil) are in the dresser drawer. I don't wear it for attention, but everyone who sees it comments on it. I do wear a watch because I feel it is an expression of a personal lifestyle, and again I thank you for having an artistic vision that resonates with my idea of what a fine timepiece should do. Since I purchased two additional bands, this is like having three different watches! You have won a patron, and I anticipate making another purchase soon."  GV

"'What are you wearing?' was the question that came up repeatedly at my table, which I shared with the founder of Netscape and other heavy hitters. My answer, without hesitation, was my d'freemont "BTP," or "Boston Tea Party," which has been my favorite watch since the day I first strapped it to my wrist it a couple of years ago. It's comfortable, it's elegant, it keeps great time, and it's the right watch whether I'm wearing blue jeans or a tuxedo. "Timeless" is a word that comes to mind - in a good way. It's Swiss made, designed by Mr. D. Freemont himself, and I'm proud to say that I am one of only 50 people in the entire world who owns one.  It's not always about what a watch costs, but what it does for you. Is it constructed from quality materials? Does it keep good time? Does it look good and feel good on your arm? Those should always be the first questions on your mind when you look for a new watch." BP


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