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Produced from 1995 - 2020

Information on every d.freemont watch ever produced.




 Identification and Specs  

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Shown above with unique "SUN-BLUSH FINISH™" stainless steel case (not a PVD coating).

42 x 10 mm HT stainless steel case
Band size: 22mm
ATM: 5

 View back optionally personalized with a 
 Mylar insert adhering to the inside back
 glass displaying the owner's family name.

Above with optional polished stainless steel case.


100 watches were made
# on back on gear shown as N#

Unitas 6498 - 17 jewel
manual wind movement
Sapphire crystal, view back
Mainspring running time 45 hours.

The “Santorini” is a tribute to the art and literary culture fostered by the Greeks in the Hellenistic Age. A violent volcano 50 miles across tore a caldron into the Mediterranean that scattered islands about the Aegean. The most revered of these islands is “Santorini” which is known for its spectacular sunsets. Santorini is the archetypical example of the beauty of this wondrous place – certainly the inspiration for the classic simplicity that has endured the ages. d.freemont has taken the cue from this heritage by producing its newest timepiece dedicated to the classics....

“The Santorini Old Testament Connection”
Santorini Island was formed by a violent volcanic event – this event happened about the time of the great plagues in Egypt. The Old Testament account of the many plagues leading up to the Exodus of the Jews – across the opening in the Red Sea is speculated by some archeologist to explain these events. More information about this study is available on the History Channel.




  Unique "SUN-BLUSH FINISH™ stainless 
  steel case (not a PVD coating).



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