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Airbatic -  $1225
Automatic or Manual windu

j.Royale -  $169
38mm GS 302 Skeleton

WestWatches -  $189
40mm Manual Wind Skeleton

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In 2000 d.freemont created a special watch for the NAWCC convention in Philadelphia – it is on permanent display at the NAWCC headquarters in Columbia Pa. Only 55 produced.

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Customer Reviews:

"I purchased the first ancient mariner from you a number of years ago…
I have many watches…Uylsse Nardin, Rolex, on from there….but I'll tell you the quality and attention to detail, looks and workmanship in your watches…is so far above these others its almost laughable.  For the heck of it,  I took part in a kickstart of a new company LUXURY watch…I don’t think people understand what luxury means…its not PRICE its workmanship, its what makes the watch.. you all have nailed it.. from many years of work and detail….I enjoy and appreciate my watch more every year…"  R A



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A tribute to Citabria


Automatic Specs

  • Stainless steel case –
    40mm x 9.5 mm
  • Custom coin edge bezel
    and acorn crown
  • Sapphire crystal
  • Swiss ETA – extremely decorated 25 jewel automatic movement,
  • Water resistant to 150 ft
  • leather strap
  • Dial – brass base with copper applied markers
  • Luminous hands
  • Includes custom travel case
  • Each watch is numbered.

Swiss made - 1 year warranty

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Manual Wind Specs
The Airbatic manual wind uses the Swiss ETA 2804 17 jewel movement which is thinner than the automatic version

The watch case and dials are identical in both versions, however the case back on the manual wind reduces the watch thickness by 2mm… making it one of the thinnest watches available.


See review on:

 by: Mike W aka UKWolfeman

Time to Blog by Stephen Mazinger

The early Aeroncas were the forerunners of the now famous Citrabia, which is airbatic spelled backwards… meaning this plane is fully structured to perform aerial stunts. In the 1930’s the Aeroncas came in two versions, the Champ and the Chief side-by-side in which d.freemont had his 1st flying lesson. Over the years Aeroncas evolved into the present day, Citribia...

Sacred to d.freemont is the Citribia because of interconnecting relationships to Lycoming engines, Aeronca and Piper aircraft manufacturing facilities in central Pennsylvania and Lycoming College where d.freemont graduated.

Later in life d.freemont lived in Wickenburg, AZ. a favorite fly-in location frequented by world famous airmen, only a few hundred miles from where Steve Fossett lost his life in his Citabria. A tragedy without explanation, without a trace, until years later; is there a mystery here? d.freemont thinks so. The Citabria is fully certified airbatic with more than adequate power to negotiate common and uncommon turbulence at low altitude. The opinion of the aviation community in the neighborhood is that there is a triangle of lost aircraft without explanation, the Nevada triangle, which is adjacent to Area 51.

Limited Production: 100 pieces
50 automatic  - 50 manual wind
Only 15 left

with leather strap (strap color may vary from illustration).

Automatic      $1225
Manual Wind  $1225

+ $35.00 outside US



d.freemont watches are timed just prior to shipping... a copy of the actual computer setting is included.  Your name will appear on the print-out along with the serial number of the watch.  Each watch comes in a gift bag with all warranty and papers.  We always choose the top of the line ETA movements which feature shock protected, 28,800 beats per hour movements.  d.freemont Watches are truly collectible - limited production.

d.freemont watches are calibrated to the Fleuier standard ( 0 to + 5 ) seconds per day.

Customer Comments:
"I did not think anything could be more elegant the the
Santorini but, when I wore my new Airbatic, I was convinced. The Airbatic can be worn at any formal or special occasion with pride, as can the Santorini but perhaps even more so." AB

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Airbatic watch today. It is a very unique timepiece; understated and elegant. I am sure I will enjoy it for many years to come. And I wanted also to say that the buying process I experienced with you (and Barbara) was a refreshing departure from what one has, unfortunately, come to expect from many companies these days. Keep up the good work."  PW

"My Airbatic arrived today and I couldn't be more thrilled. You called it "a beautiful watch" and it is. Beyond doubt it is.
As I found with my Prescott, the photo's just don't do it justice. I could begin with the dial: the subtle color tone and the texturing simply don't show up properly in the photo; or the way the dial seems to shift color from umber to a coppery beige depending on the light. The numbers and indices are gorgeous and beautifully applied. The hands appropriate and easily read. The case is thin enough, even the automatic, to fit neatly under a cuff. The polish is superb. and the machining of the coin edge and onion crown exceeds excellent. The df emblem at the 7 pm position a nice touch that my prescott didn't have. And, on the rotor, the identifying number N 19 much more easily read than the 33 of my Prescott (which I need magnification to see, though that may be my fading eyesight). It is a very very cool thing to know I am unlikely ever to see either watch on any another wrist...and this number is unique to me. The watch is regulated to just over 2 seconds a day. AMAZING...and I thought my Prescott's 5.8 was wonderful.
Finally, I think you for the distressed brown band you included. It's perfect. Exactly what I was looking for. This watch, genuinely, can be worn as a casual sport or dressed up for formal occassions and be at home in either setting. I love it.
Thank you, Mr. Mcready, for making such a work of art. I am proud to wear my d. freemont." RP



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