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Airbatic -  $1225
40mm Manual wind



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"I purchased the first ancient mariner from you a number of years ago…
I have many watches…Uylsse Nardin, Rolex, on from there….but I'll tell you the quality and attention to detail, looks and workmanship in your watches…is so far above these others its almost laughable.  For the heck of it,  I took part in a kickstart of a new company LUXURY watch…I don’t think people understand what luxury means…its not PRICE its workmanship, its what makes the watch.. you all have nailed it.. from many years of work and detail….I enjoy and appreciate my watch more every year…"  R A


J.Royale by d.freemont

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  • Case is 38 x 11 mm (GS 302)

  • Screw down SS view back

  • 17 jewel manual wind

  • Accuracy ( +/- 9 sec / 24 hours )
    certificate supplied

  • Water resistant to showering and
    hand washing




As seen in International WristWatch magazine.



GS 302

J.Royale is a trademark of d.freemont, ( Swiss watches) / d.freemont is responsible for the design of the J.Royale watch.  Here is a unique piece that will catch the eye of even the most discriminating watch collector.  Even though it is a bit like a "Model A Ford"  or a Jeep, it's practical and interesting. 


You can be brave enough to take it apart and see what makes it tick.  The cost is so low that you can afford to abuse it.  This movement is basically in the rough...this does not mean that it is not a good time keeper...it means that polishing and engraving costs have not sneaked into the enjoyment of a true skeleton... not cheap but low priced. 

1935 Ford Cabriolet - 1935 Cabriolet - Picture 3

d.freemont has taken a hint from customers that a skeleton in this price range is desirable, and it would create a great demand.  Watch people love skeletons - and if you're not ready to spend $1000, here is a fix to your frustration...Call it a Model A Ford, but who wouldn't like to have one -even if you do currently own a hi-grade skeleton. 
This movement is made in the Orient - 15 jewels with a shock protector, it is not a copy -but it shares designs found in $5000 watches.  The plates are brass and the gears are made the same way as those coming from Switzerland.   Turn the crown and you will immediately appreciate that this is a pretty good movement. There is an abundance of technical items to observe down to the synthetic ruby jewels.  Remember this watch is hand wound... wind it every morning.   

The case is plated base metal and the back cover is stainless steel.  The crystal is protected by the cast chapter ring and is made of hardened glass, not plastic. The Roman numerals are cast into the bezel and they are easily seen, as are the luminous hands.

15 jewel movement




"Incredible Value"


$169.00 FREE SHIPPING to US  + $35.00 outside US



Customer Comments: 

Hey guys, I purchased two of the j.royale skeletons last year and I am still lovin them.
As for the quality of the watch, pretty good reviews, I almost never wind it all the way
I end up winding it up and resetting the time every morning, still keeps good time, band
is nice and durable (mine just got dirty inside) the biggest flaw I see of the watch is that the chrome especially around the edges seems to pit fairly easy. Other than that nothing even close to a complaint. The glass is very tough, I have bumped into things and its not
broken or even scratched."  

"I don't think I can find the right words to express my pleasure with my new J. Royale skeleton watch !!!!

For the price I paid, I never expected the great look, decent size and heft, and the accuracy of this timepiece. When I was a young professional with IBM I wore Rolexes.  When I retired and taught at a four year college for nearly 20 years, I moved away from
Rolex's "message" and experimented with other brands, among them your brand which was "just right" for that time of my life.   I owned quite a few as your records must indicate.   Now I'm fully retired and no longer have any "message" to send. Thus I have been looking around for an inexpensive watch for everyday use that would not attract unwanted attention.  I tried Seiko, Bulova, Timex and so forth.  None of the aforementioned watches satisfied me.  Furthermore, I wasn't sure what exactly I needed to provide me with satisfaction.

Well, this J. Royale certainly did it for me.  It's attractive and unique face design is appealing.  It's not a wimpy thin job; it's nice and hefty and makes me feel like I have a "real watch" on my wrist.  The black band gives it a nice classy look that's "just right" for everyday use as well as stepping out for an evening.  The lack of any overdone labeling is a precious gift to me -- there is no"thing draw attention away from "the works!"
The older I get, the more aware I've become of the passage of time.  What a nice way I now have to check the time. Thank you!"


J.Royale is a trademark of d.freemont / d.freemont is responsible for the design of the J.Royale watch.