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Airbatic -  $1225
40mm Manual wind



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In 2000 d.freemont created a special watch for the NAWCC convention in Philadelphia – it is on permanent display at the NAWCC headquarters in Columbia Pa. Only 55 produced.

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Customer Reviews:

"I purchased the first ancient mariner from you a number of years ago…
I have many watches…Uylsse Nardin, Rolex, on from there….but I'll tell you the quality and attention to detail, looks and workmanship in your watches…is so far above these others its almost laughable.  For the heck of it,  I took part in a kickstart of a new company LUXURY watch…I don’t think people understand what luxury means…its not PRICE its workmanship, its what makes the watch.. you all have nailed it.. from many years of work and detail….I enjoy and appreciate my watch more every year…"  R A



                               Duck Collection

DSCF2766 DSCF2767 DSCF2768 DSCF2769 DSCF2770 DSCF2771 DSCF2772 DSCF2773 DSCF2774 DSCF2775 DSCF2776 DSCF2777 DSCF2778 DSCF2779 DSCF2780 DSCF2781 DSCF2782 DSCF2783 DSCF2784 DSCF2785 DSCF2786 DSCF2787 DSCF2788 DSCF2789 DSCF2790 DSCF2791 DSCF2792 DSCF2793 DSCF2794 DSCF2795 DSCF2796 DSCF2797 DSCF2798 DSCF2799 DSCF2800 DSCF2801 DSCF2802 DSCF2803 DSCF2804 DSCF2805 DSCF2806 DSCF2807 DSCF2808 DSCF2809 DSCF2810 DSCF2811 DSCF2812 DSCF2813 DSCF2814 DSCF2815 DSCF2816 DSCF2818 DSCF2819 DSCF2820 DSCF2821 DSCF2822 DSCF2823 DSCF2824 DSCF2825 DSCF2831 DSCF2847 DSCF2848 DSCF2849 DSCF2850 DSCF2851



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