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In 2000 d.freemont created a special watch for the NAWCC convention in Philadelphia – it is on permanent display at the NAWCC headquarters in Columbia Pa. Only 55 produced.

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Customer Reviews:

"I purchased the first ancient mariner from you a number of years ago…
I have many watches…Uylsse Nardin, Rolex, on from there….but I'll tell you the quality and attention to detail, looks and workmanship in your watches…is so far above these others its almost laughable.  For the heck of it,  I took part in a kickstart of a new company LUXURY watch…I don’t think people understand what luxury means…its not PRICE its workmanship, its what makes the watch.. you all have nailed it.. from many years of work and detail….I enjoy and appreciate my watch more every year…"  R A


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Defining the term “unique” with regard to d.freemont watches…
1st  They are all very limited in production (never exceeding 300 pieces of any model) --in fact, most are limited to 100 pieces or less. The likelihood of finding another person with a d.freemont watch is extremely remote.  There is a certain exclusivity of feeling special and not part of the crowd.  

2nd  When you receive your d.freemont watch it will have been personally inspected and regulated by the designer d.freemont McCready – Each watch is calibrated to not lose time and not to gain more than 5 seconds per day.  The method includes the dynamics of the watch in actual use. 

3rd  although there is always a shadow in the back of you mind about retained value – because d.freemont watches are only sold direct to each customer there is no inflated profit to support a brick and mortar high overhead store location – that translates into a secure investment.  

4th d.freemont service, we service our watches personally, they are not farmed out to a service center for student watchmakers… we carry all the replacement parts to retain your watch’s integrity and when your repaired watch is ready to be returned, it is again personally inspected and timed by d.freemont. 

Latent desire has fashioned many business successes…
this is one of those stories.

It was 1942 when I first found my father’s Bulova a point of fascination. He was very proud of it and took care to treat it with respect. I saw Dad carefully remove his Bulova when he was about to wash his hands, placing it in his vest pocket. I use to ask him if I could hold it while he washed… after a while he began to trust my caution with his prize.

Little did I know that my early fascination would result in my becoming involved with the watch industry some fifty years later. df

I need to consider work, as Dorothy Sayers put it, “not, primarily, a thing one does to live, but the thing one lives to do.” Work enables us to utilize and to most fully express our God-given talents, gaining meaning for our lives from fulfilling our natures, from seeing our work well done, and from delighting in the gifts our work provides to a world that needs and appreciates them.

True enough, for many people, work is irksome, a mere “job,” worth only the wages it earns or the leisure it makes possible. (The word “job,” you might like to know, originally meant a mere “piece or gob of work,” defined in Samuel Johnson’s dictionary as “a low mean lucrative busy affair; petty, piddling work.”) True, too, not everyone can find work to which he or she is well suited, never mind called. Still, these empirical difficulties do not affect the main point: real work can—and for many people still does—all by itself provide a life that makes sense, a life of intrinsic meaning and purpose, a life that lifts the worker to the fullness of his or her being, and beyond.

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There are many component manufacturers supplying the watch industry in Switzerland, and the choice of suppliers is in the hands of the designer; although, all Swiss components and craftsmanship are at least the best the world has to offer. d.freemont goes a step further to seek out only the finest. Our reputation is important and we share pride in your selection of a d.freemont watch.

Many considerations must be carefully analyzed -the choice of the movement is paramount...technology first. The style, no matter how impressive, must be complimented by the "engine" of the watch. The d.freemont watch is always presented with a full disclosure of the internal parts. We are pleased to inform our customer that we have quality watches utilizing state of the art features, such as low friction movements and synthetic lubricants. Our suppliers must conform to the highest quality standards; standards which we verify throughout the production sequence. We have abandoned the traditional assembly by in-house labor to the more controlled method of contract craftsmen and finishers.


d.freemont comments on size
and style of watches

“Today, watch size has moved into the clock arena - 50mm pocket watches worn on the wrist – actually it borders on the ridiculous.  Heavy anchors – now holding down the night stand or being offered on Ebay.   History has shown us that the 36mm Rolex is the best selling size and one of the most wrist friendly watches ever conceived.  We offer the common sense minded watch connoisseurs similar sized watches – classic watches that will become your lifelong friend and a trusted companion.”

Shown right:  Voyager with gold bezel



The value of the dollar…and d.freemont watches
As the world’s currency markets changed, the past two years have forced Americans to pay about 60% more for European goods.  The price of watches has actually increased more because of the speculation that the dollar will fall even further by the time production has been completed.  Gold, a traditional hedge to inflation, has risen to nearly $1400 per once.  Those who make gold watch cases see their price quotes eroded away before the case making process is completed. 

d.freemont has not increased prices at the same rate that the market changed because we were selling items that were produced when the dollar was strong.  Now, we are forced to increase our prices to reflect the value of the dollar.  At this time, economists are predicting that the dollar will fall even further over the next year making our goods more expensive than today. 

The good news is that the collector value based upon resale of d.freemont watches has been climbing.  Watches such as the Expose I, which sold for $270 four year ago – has been recently seen at over $400.  Well, I suppose we all get used to changes, now we pay $3.00 a gallon for gasoline, without thinking much about it.  Two years ago we were all screaming about gasoline at over one dollar.  We adapt and go about life as before.  I can remember 50 year ago that a new solid gold Hamilton sold for about $45, and gasoline at 23 cents a gallon. 

Anyway, the world continues to turn as it will tomorrow, and we will become accustom to paying more for the same value.  That’s my point – when you purchase a truly quality item, its value will continue to ride along with the flow of currency values.  Marginal items will sink to the bottom of the sea of value,  but quality items, like cream, will rise to the top along with d.freemont watches.


A word about C.O.S.C. applied to watch quality:
Extrapolated from an article in WatchTime Mag April 2011… “ COSC stands for the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometer –  despite the official sounding name the COSC is not a government agency”.  “Founded in 1973 as a means of supporting the Swiss mechanical watch industry which was starting to feel the effects of competition from the makers of cheaper quartz-driven timepieces from the Far East; The non-profit, COSC is financed entirely by income generated from the fees it charges watch manufacturers for testing their movements”.  “It has a commercial objective to promote the Swiss chronometers.”  “Movements are check for accuracy in a five position and three different temperatures for a period of 15 days.”  “In the year 2009 Rolex submitted 607,512 movements, Omega 187,558, Breitling 108,220 and Tag Heuer 70,195.”  The article continues by stating that in 2009 the number of tested movements fell by 27% - It is hard to imagine how vast a task this would be.  Earlier in the article it stated that the COSC is staffed by only 20 employees.  The 300 D.Freemont watches that received the COSC certification are finally checked by the designer before shipping.  All d.freemont watches are checked and recalibrated to the designers tolerances before shipping to the customer if not previously certified by the COSC.




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