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In 2000 d.freemont created a special watch for the NAWCC convention in Philadelphia – it is on permanent display at the NAWCC headquarters in Columbia Pa. Only 55 produced.

collectors guide to d.freemont watches
Collector's Guide to
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Customer Reviews:

"I purchased the first ancient mariner from you a number of years ago…
I have many watches…Uylsse Nardin, Rolex, on from there….but I'll tell you the quality and attention to detail, looks and workmanship in your watches…is so far above these others its almost laughable.  For the heck of it,  I took part in a kickstart of a new company LUXURY watch…I don’t think people understand what luxury means…its not PRICE its workmanship, its what makes the watch.. you all have nailed it.. from many years of work and detail….I enjoy and appreciate my watch more every year…"  R A









Collector's Guide to d.freemont Watches
8 1/2" x 11" Paperback, Full color.
Contains the specifications, production numbers, and unique
 identifiers to aid the watch collector in determining authenticity.

 $37.99 pp


David Freemont McCready's philosophy in watch design centered around making the watch say something besides the time. The adherence to classic style coupled with an engaging event or magical location… Like the early Rodeo Drive 90212, supporting the wearers identity with that prestigious and famous square mile. The watch became an identity as well as a time piece. Using the success of identity transference, the next watch was the Rockefeller Center 10111… then came the Mt. Palomar 92010, the Hoover Dam 89006, etc. Spinning the associated fame and history of these locations into the watch design became the D.Freemont mantra. The collector will notice that the numeral seven (7) is exchanged with the d.freemont logo “df” a reminder that (7) is considered Gods number – on the seventh day God rested. There is also the second most asked question about the use of the bird ( albatross ) symbol on some of d.freemont watches – this is a reminder to be kind to man, beast and bird alike, a symbol of freedom which D.Freemont embraces. 

David’s literary soul and enjoyment of the classics and poetry, works from Robert Frost, Carl Sanberg, Keats and Samuel Coleridge captured his imagination. The Coleridge poem, “The Rhyme of the Ancyent Marinere” was also one of his mother’s favorites. She reintroduced the poem to David and he saw the path for a series of watches known as the Ancyent Marineres. There were a total of 900 Ancyent Marineres produced, The Original, the Panama, the Voyager and the Regulator. This series really established David as a master designer and contributor to the horological history. In the year 2000 the NAWCC commissioned David to design a limited production piece for the 2000 National convention in Philadelphia – it was a gold chronograph – number one is a permanent part of the display in the NAWCC museum at Columbia, Pennsylvania. 

Commerative pieces became another of David’s specialties, like the celebration of the 100 years of flight. Using a similar design from the 1950’s, the 100 yr of Flight commeratives were launched. Another distinctive point that enhanced the collectible interest in D.Freemont was the use of serial numbers assigned to each watches. The fascination with mechanical watches had David going back to the Skeleton watch design he had put on a back burner at about the time of the Rodeo Drive watch. Not sure how a Skeleton watch would be accepted – David introduced the Expose. This was a very big step producing 300 Skeleton watches without having tested the interest of the watch buyers – it was shortly after advertising the Expose in “WatchTime” and “International Watch” magazines that the truth was known – watch buyers loved the Expose and quickly sold it out… then a replacement, the Expose II ,was launched. Collectors again showed strong interest in these revealing mechanical watches. 

David, having created many interesting and pleasing watches, personally believes that his best work lies in the Santorini and recent watch, the “Airbatic”. Here again it is a commerative to the great aviation pioneer, Steven Fossett. It connects David’s interest in flying and his early training in a forerunner of the Citrabia to the aviation greats of the current era. At this time David is considering a commerative to the nearly unknown female pilot, Beryl Markham, who was the 1st woman to fly solo across the Atlantic in 1937. The Santorini is a capsule of history surrounding the Aegean Sea – known for its magnificent sunsets – David devised a special method of coloring a stainless steel case to reflect the effects of great heat coming from that caldron that is now Santorini Island.

At this time David’s most pressing urge is to reflect on the past 25 years of work and establish a record of achievement and contribution to Horology in this collectors guide.















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